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Hi, I'm Amanda and I am your instructor for Cardiff.


I'm mum to Mila who is one and who will likely be running around at most of our classes!


After having Mila I started going to OneFitMama classes and they were such a lifeline for me.  Being a single mum I found it difficult to arrange childcare to get to the gym or go for a run but also part of me simply wasn't ready to be away from her. I loved the fact that I got to exercise and meet other mums all whilst having Mila there with me. I made some amazing friends who I wouldn't want to be without now, Mila got to play and socialise with other children and I loved how we all felt part of a community. So when the opportunity arose to bring OneFitMama to Cardiff I couldn't turn it down!


Being a mum is the best job in the world but it's also pretty tough at times. These classes are about more than just getting physically fit - they are an opportunity to spend some time with other mums who are going through, or have been through, the same roller coaster of emotions as you, they are a safe space to talk and build your support network. I'm hoping you will find them as fun and supportive as I did - even if you hate the occasional burpee that gets thrown into the mix!


I'm so excited to start classes and look forward to meeting you all soon x

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Classes coming soon to Cardiff!

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I hope you have found the information you were looking for, however if you need anything else please get in touch using the contact form below. 

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