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I'm Natalie, I'll be your trainer and part time babysitter working across Coventry & Nuneaton.  

Just turned 36, recently celebrated being married to my best mate for 6 years and proud mum of 2. A shy, overthinker that loves the simple things in life and of course a good glass of wine 🍷 

My Story

I won’t bore you with my background but let’s just say it’s not fitness. I lived and breathed a totally 9-5 corporate background, loved every minute of it and honestly had no intention of giving it up.

This job just happened for me, it was never my plan, it was never on my roadmap but lets just say I’m glad I had a bump in the road and ended up here 🙌🏻

After having my first baby I found OneFitMama and it was my safe space, somewhere I didn’t feel guilty for doing something for me, somewhere I could go that made me feel good. 

My aim is to create somewhere you feel safe, somewhere you walk out feeling happy, somewhere that helps you be the best version of you. 

I don’t want you to exercise because you feel you should, or because you hate your body, exercise because you love it, because you look forward to going, because you love how it makes you feel. 

Find something that you love, and if you find that something it’ll be a hell of a lot easier stick to it. 

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