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Here at OneFitMama we pride ourselves in creating a warm, friendly, welcoming environment, encouraging women to get out, get moving, and if you're a mum without the need for childcare. 


We want you to find a trainer that gets you, a place that you feel comfortable, and exercise you enjoy, because once you do the journey becomes a hell of a lot easier.

We're based at various locations across Coventry & Nuneaton. 


Mamma Review

'It is an absolute gem. There is no better place to enjoy the workout while watching your baby play'


Mamma and Bootcamper

'Being able to get a bit of yourself back, without the worry of childcare. Being genuinely accepted and welcomed by all the ladies there, resulting in making genuine friends for life. 

The best decision I made was sucking up the worry and coming to my first class!'


Mamma Review

'Amen for OFM! A class for mothers which babies enjoy too. Such a welcoming class and I feel great after'

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