5 tips to help you create a positive mindset

Positivity is more than just an Instagram hashtag and whilst we know its hard to be positive at the moment having a positive mindset can really improve your mental health and family environment. Now that doesn't mean you need to a cheerful, sunny parent at all times (think Topsy and Tim's mum!!) making some small changes to your week can help you stay positive and equip you to deal with life's little bumps easier.

We've enlisted Sabrina Cox, business and life coach, and OneFitMama’s Maternal Mental Health lead, to help us put together a list of ways us mum's can stay positive, even after a week of soggy school runs............ Firstly, it’s not possible to be positive ALL the time. However the following can help you move towards a more positive mindset.  * Remember ‘Yet’ - this is a really powerful tool I use when coaching clients. It’s easy to talk about the negatives: “I don’t get time to myself” “I used to exercise regularly and now I don’t have the time” “My favourite clothes don’t fit me” Try adding ‘Yet’ to the end of your negative statement. Time will always pass and if you are in the throes of early motherhood or your time is taken up by a toddler who won’t leave your side, it sometimes helps to remember it won’t be this way forever.   * Take time to exercise. I am sure you knew this one was coming. But it’s not just because we run fitness classes, exercise is known to lift mood and give you a natural 'buzz'. There may be days when exercising feels like the last thing you want to do but even just 15 minutes of moderate exercise can make a significant difference to your mental health. And don't worry about what type of exercise either, you don't need to commit to anything - even 50 star jumps in your kitchen will do the job!

* Talking of accomplishment, celebrate the wins! This doesn't have to be huge tasks but any success you have during your week, whether that's emptying the laundry basket or managing to meet a deadline at work take a moment to appreciate the achievement and celebrate yourself.

* Affirmations are another great way to help boost your mood and leave you feeling positive. They don't have to be Instagram worthy or deep and meaningful but just a reminder of how capable and awesome you are. Some great affirmations to start your day are "I am a confident and skilled parent" or "I can achieve whatever I have set out for my day" and "I am just enough". Saying affirmations out loud may feel odd at first but after a few days you'll soon be shouting "I'm a boss b*tch" at your mirror.  * Find a routine. This is also a proven strategy to support your mental health. In the current climate, this can include accessing online groups, taking a walk, calls to friends, an evening or nap time shower or bath, even mealtimes. Build in a routine that works for you and includes some self care - not just jobs!

And remember its ok to not be positive all the time but if you are finding it hard to be positive at all you can talk to your GP, health visitor or OneFitMama instructor about your mental health. You can find more information about mental health support by visiting Mind Mental Health Charity


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