Merry Guiltmas

December 12, 2016

Ah Christmas, the season of goodwill and guilt. The time of the year when you take a five metre roll of holographic gift wrap and beat yourself with it every day. No matter how hard I try every year I fret and worry about the same thing and spend half of December awake at night tossing and turning with guilt. The reality is that we are all feeling guilty for the exact same reasons, all of which are totally daft. Take a look at my top five, how many of these do you feel guilty about too?






Every December its the same, I begin the month desperately trying to resist the urge to sample all 228 brands of mince pies but epically fail by about the 10th. The thing is once I fall off the Christmas wagon its impossible to get back on so I spend the subsequent 3 weeks wading through stollen bites, Christmas tree shaped pretzels and honey glazed gammon. This leads to much muffin top grabbing and tummy poking whilst I lay in bed hating myself and feeling GUILTY for enjoying all the lovely food.



Whether its spending too much on the kids or feeling like I've not spent enough on family members money guilt is the worst. Facebook posts about how much people have spent and options to get my husbands wages paid early just add to the feeling that there is a secret special figure that you should spend each yuletide. Spend too much and you are frivolous, spend too little and you are a tight ass. You can't win and that just leads to more feeling GUILTY.



From approximately September everywhere you look there are 'MUST HAVE' gift lists. Like seriously why must my child have a robot that punches things and farts or a doll that really craps? Each of these essential gifts come with a hefty price tag and they make sure the kids know all about these hot items by repeatedly showing them on every media outlet they have access to. I feel GUILTY that I can't afford all the best toys from the list and even more GUILTY that they may return to school in January the only child in the class that doesn't have one.



I work part time and although it is incredibly flexible I still need to have a certain amount of discipline to make sure the business runs smoothly. This means that I cannot attend the all school nativities, Christmas concerts, assemblies and lunches. It isn't physically possible to be in two places at once so I am often left feeling GUILTY about which events I have to miss.



Whether it's Christmas Eve with an aunt or Boxing Day dinner with the in-laws trying to juggle everybody is super stressful. I am always left feeling GUILTY that one family member is left out or alone. 


This Christmas I'm going to try and focus on the important things like watching my children enjoy the magic, spending time with family and friends and filling my face with festive treats. I'll go back to feeling guilty next year but for now why don't you pour yourself a Baileys and join me for a guilt free Crimbo!


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